Lesley Rich Workshops 2012

Valparaiso, Indiana
ALL MEDIUMS June 11 - 15, 2012

I don't want you to learn to paint like me, I want you to find YOU.
Go beyond the familiar, be inventive, be imaginative, all within
the framework of a good abstract design.  Paint with colored pencils,
use pastels, bring out your acrylics, be true to watercolor purity,
or, like me, paint with oils.

We'll be painting what I like to paint most, intimate landscapes.
This means we'll be studying how to paint figures and incorporate them
into the landscape.  You don't need a lot of detail, and you don't
even need a high skill level to accomplish this.  It's more a matter
of concentrating on the design, the values and the chroma, and voila,
success is at hand, your landscapes will be more than landscapes, and
your figures more than figure studies.  In this class we will
alternately use live models and photographs for our subject material.

Demos will be in oil, but again, all painting mediums are welcome.

Registration:  call Jan Sullivan or Janey Eddy at the Art Barn
in Valparaiso,  (219) 462 9009.

copyright 2000-12 Lesley Rich - all rights reserved